Cottage on Oceanview Lane

Emerald Cove, Book 1

When a renowned book editor returns to her roots, she rediscovers her strength & her passion in this heartwarming novel from the author of The Waratah Inn.

Sarah Flannigan is moving home to the small, beachside hamlet of Emerald Cove. After years in the city building a career as an editor at one of the top publishing houses in the country, she’s uprooting her life to help her mother run the family cafe after the divorce.

Cindy Flannigan never thought she’d find herself single and alone in her sixties, but when her husband runs off with a younger woman, she uncovers secret debts he’s accumulated that will leave her in dire financial straits for the first time in her life. She calls on her eldest child to help and is delightfully surprised when her daughter moves home to the Cove. But concerns for her daughter’s future happiness soon mar the reunion.



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What readers are saying:

“This is one of the best stories I have ever read and I read ALL THE TIME.” – Reviewer

“I wish I could hide away somewhere so I wouldn’t be interrupted. It’s too good to be interrupted.” – Reviewer

Just started 2nd book! I couldn’t put the first one down. Love, love, love the book and Lilly Mirren.” – Reviewer

“OMGOSH! I Love this series. I love this author and the stories are riveting!” – Reviewer

“I am loving this book, reading slowly because I don’t want it to end.” – Reviewer

“The Waratah Inn in Cabarita Beach was run down and neglected as Nan didn’t want to update it and take away all of the memories it held for her over so many years. The sisters – Reeda, Kate and Bindi – each had their own lives and seldom did they return to visit Nan. When they receive the unexpected call that Nan has died, all three drop everything in their lives and hurry to the Inn. They were close as young girls living and playing in the Inn and on the beach but time and life had separated them from spending much time together. They soon learn that Nan’s will asks the girls to decide the fate of the inn together and all must agree to sell it or keep it. At first, they are troubled by this decision and each has their own opinion, but time soon finds them working together and wanting to see the Inn reopen and remain a legacy of their Nan. After several months of hard work, the Inn is ready for business and each of the sisters must decide where their future lies.
I loved reading The Waratah Inn by Lilly Mirren. It is a heartwarming family story about three sisters, Reeda, Kate and Bindi, and their beloved grandmother, Nan. There was family love, determination, mystery, sadness, happiness, friendship, and romance all intertwined to make The Waratah Inn a great book that was hard to put down. Lilly Mirren is a gifted author who created very real, likable characters. I look forward to reading the continuing stories of the sisters and would not be surprised to see this story on the Hallmark Channel (I can even see who will portray the sisters). The Waratah Inn is a book that should not be passed up – it is a guaranteed good read.” – Reader’s Favorite


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