Dive into some sweet women’s fiction with one of these bestselling series by Lilly Mirren. Available on all major online platforms, and ready to order at your local bookstore.

“Lilly Mirren brings those books to life and I cannot put them down!” – Kathy (reader)

“I have bought and read your four books. I loved each and every character and felt I really knew them in “real life”. My sister now sent me your new book, these books have saved my sanity during the Covid Virus. Thank you!” – Camille (reader)

“The best series I’ve ever read! I couldn’t put these books down. I had to buy the next and then the next.” – Diana (reader)

Home Sweet Home

HomeSweetHome_Nook NoPlaceLikeHome

Emerald Cove

BungalowonPelicanWay ChaletonCliffsideDrive

The Waratah Inn

CLBD2019_LillyMirren_TheWaratahInnSeries_02_OneSummerInItaly_EBOOK_FINAL-corrected20190808 CLBD2019_LillyMirren_TheWaratahInnSeries_03_TheSummerSisters_EBOOK_FINAL-corrected20190808 CLBD2019_LillyMirren_TheWaratahInnSeries_04_ChristmasAtTheWaratahInn_EBOOK_FINAL