Seaside Manor Bed & Breakfast

Emerald Cove, Book 2

The Seaside Manor Bed and Breakfast has been an institution in Emerald Cove for as long as anyone can remember. But things are changing and Diana is nervous about what the future might hold for her and her husband, not to mention the historic business.

With no experience to back him up, Ethan Flannigan moves back home to the cove and takes on the bed and breakfast as a part-owner. Diana’s niece, Emily, agrees to help her aunt and uncle, but the charming and arrogant man they’d sold half of the business to does nothing but get under her skin, even if the spark between them is hard to ignore.

When Emily’s past comes knocking, its’ Ethan she’ll turn to for help. But her harsh words and cold shoulder might’ve already pushed him too far away.

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What readers are saying:

“I am excited about this new series. I love these contemporary stories of life in small Australian communities with some mystery and romance.” – Reviewer

“The writing is excellent and the story itself is absolutely wonderful… I can hardly wait to see Book 2.”- Reviewer

“The author makes the book come to life and the people become your friends.”- Reviewer

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