One Summer in Italy

The Waratah Inn, Book 2

“If you love historical mysteries and all things Italian, you’ll want to live in the pages of this book.” -Bookbub

Reeda Summer is running from a troubled marriage and a truth she can’t face.

When the Summer sisters discover their grandmother’s journals after her death, they unlock a mystery that shakes their family to the core. Who is Charlie Jackson? Is he their grandfather? And if so, what happened to him?

Reeda leaves the Waratah Inn and returns to Sydney, her husband, and her thriving interior design business, only to find her marriage in tatters. She’s lost sight of what she wants in life and can’t recognise the person she’s become.

Instead of facing her problems, Reeda embarks on a journey to discover more about the grandfather she never knew, leaving her troubles behind her.

Her search takes her to Italy, where a trail of clues leads her across the country with few answers to satisfy her burning curiosity about the past. And instead of helping her to forget, her pilgrimage reminds her of everything she loves and what she’s left behind.

Under the Italian sky, Reeda discovers that the joy she was searching for was hidden inside her all along. And instead of running from her problems, she embraces the healing she needs to face them.

Readers who enjoy Inglath Cooper, Rhys Bowen, Lisa Wingate, Debbie Macomber, and Lauren K. Denton will love taking this healing journey through delightful Italy.

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What readers are saying:

“This second book in this series is absolutely wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to visit the unexplored Italy?” – Reviewer

“These need to be a movie series. I don’t want to stop reading this story.” – Reviewer

“A suspenseful series. Can’t wait for the next one.” – Reviewer

“This is a terrific story and I enjoyed every minute of it.” – Reviewer

“I’m waiting for the third in the series because this story line is awesome and you just want to keep reading and reading and never want the book to end.” – Reviewer

 Featured on Bookbub’s Feel-good Literary Escapes:

We love traveling to Italy — even if it’s only through the pages of a fantastic book. In this Lilly Mirren novel, Reeda is struggling in her marriage. With the aid of her grandmother’s journals, she seeks to discover the truth of her family’s past in Italy — and her grandfather’s true identity — in order to move forward in her own life. If you love historical mysteries and all things Italian, you’ll want to live in the pages of this book.
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