Chalet on Cliffside Drive

Emerald Cove, Book 4

Cindy Flannigan has spent years coming to terms with her husband leaving her for a younger woman. Not to mention the debt he accumulated in her name, and against the cafe, she inherited from her beloved parents.

After finding some stability and leaning on friends and family for support, she’s decided to invest in her own life and has taken up karate as a form of exercise and to help her feel good about herself.

When she runs across her ex-husband at a karate lesson, she’s flustered, especially when he reminds her they’re still technically married.

It’s not until her steadfast friend, the town’s doctor, discovers what his former best friend is up to, that the real trouble begins. All of them grew up in the Cove together, they know each other so well they can finish the other’s thoughts. But no one saw this coming. With so much at stake, which man will win her heart?

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What readers are saying:

“I am excited about this new series. I love these contemporary stories of life in small Australian communities with some mystery and romance.” – Reviewer

“The writing is excellent and the story itself is absolutely wonderful… I can hardly wait to see Book 2.”- Reviewer

“The author makes the book come to life and the people become your friends.”- Reviewer

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