Getting Out Alive: The David Donovan Story
True Stories of Survival (Book 4)

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A true story…

When sixteen-year-old David Donovan crashes his motorcycle on a remote property in central Queensland, it seems inevitable that he will die. His neck, caught on a strand of barbed wire stretching across the track, is almost severed. His voice box disintegrates, and his trachea breaks in two – the bottom half slipping down into his chest, making him gasp for air that will never fill his lungs.

He lies still on his back, alone and afraid on a remote and almost inaccessible fire trail, unsure of what to do next. Help is miles away, where his father works in a shed, ignorant of what has happened to his son. Even if he makes it back to the homestead, there is no medical help for hundreds of kilometres in any direction.

Slowly, a realization dawns that the Royal Flying Doctor’s service is his only hope.

Immerse yourself in this short gripping tale of one boy’s struggle to survive in the harsh Australian outback. And when all hope is lost, learn how he finds peace in a simple prayer, as the miraculous unfolds to bring him a new chance at life.

Find out what it takes to be a survivor!

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“This book is like a terrible nightmare. Loved it. Ended up getting the whole series.” – Amazon Reviewer

“This is a Must Read! I could not put this down and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is a short story (thank goodness it is!) and I don’t know how in the world this young boy survived.” – Amazon Reviewer



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